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“THE PAST is a foreign country: they do things differently there.”

― L.P. Hartley, The Go-Between

In this modern day of databases with their accurate records of our record keeping; it has become difficult to imagine how we ever managed to record things in the past.

Today we have this ubiquitous global internet, full of search engines and the ability to determine the species of a fly from its voice recording.

We live in an age of political correctness and bureaucratic madness where we require an application form to obtain an application form. This crazy time where the local council practically regulates for the precise length of our lawn grass -

Yes, in today's world, it is difficult to imagine a time when things were so dis-organised. We had to have this special phrase to cover all the gaffs in recording the important things.

"She'll be right"

For instance: The date G.M.A.C. was formed had become a bit of an unknown. Nobody recorded it!!

Back in the 'Old Days' the council didn't regulate the height of the grass. We just mowed it and, well, you know; "She'll be right". So a few years back it was felt that even if the date and time (and the length of grass on the first strip) wasn't recorded (we did check on Google), if it wasn't recorded then at least the founding year should be determined. You know, for historical purposes.

A huge team of archaeological historians was assembled, well one was anyway and he coerced a few others into assisting. Anyway, following lengthy discussions with a number of the Life Members, including the first Treasurer of the club, the archaeological historians began to painstakingly collate the verbal information. And along with a lot of searching through dusty filing cabinets, messy historical type things etc, etc., the year of formation was officially pronounced and recorded.


This makes 2018 GMAC's 50th year! Officially!

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