Flying activities at the field update.

Update on 31 May. Covid restitriction have been eased again in Victoria. While we continue operating with similar restrictions as over the past few weeks, we can now have up to 20 pilots at the field. No events or gatherings until further notice.

We can operate our field on the condition that all Members will strictly adhere the Rules outlined below. Adherence will be monitored.

Members are responsible maintaining social distancing at all times. Members with medical conditions are strongly advised not to attend the flying Field.


a) Flying Members Only: All Members attending must be the current full GMAC members actively flying a model on the day. Attendance by a full member yet not actively flying on the day, social members, visitors or members of the public is not permitted.

b) We are adopting the same limits as personal outdoor training limits. ie. Maximum number of pilots at a time is 20.  

c) Social Distancing is to be strictly maintained in the Pits and Car Park area. 

d) Pilot’s Box: A maximum of 3 (Three) pilots are allowed at the Pilot’s box at one time.

e) Rules and By-Laws: All GMAC rules and by-laws continue to apply.

f) Pilot Instruction: Instructors should use common sense if conducting training flights. Only instruct where you can maintain social distancing at all times. Standard length buddy leads may not be long enough for this purpose. Do not instruct during busy times. Please take into account Fair use by other members.

g) BBQ & Drinks: There will be no BBQ or drink facilities provided until further notice. (Members are to ensure that they bring sufficient water, etc to meet their needs at the field).

h) Hand Cleaning: Members should bring hand sanitiser with them.

i) Toilets: The use of toilets at the GMAC Flying field is discouraged. When used, please thoroughly sanitise your hands before and after entering the toilets.