Next Friday 16 November we have a visit by Cub Scouts followed by a Club Night Fly and BBQ
The Cubs will be there from 6.30pm to 8.30 pm
We would like some assistance particularly if you have a buddy box setup and/or FPV setup. Or just help with guidance and demonstrations.
We plan to  break them up into the usual 4 stations:
– Chuck gliders
– Buddy Box
– FPV Demos (with cubs in goggles)
– Simulator 
Its great fun introducing the hobby to the next generation, so why not come early and help out or just fly and give them something to look at!
Once darkness descends we will start the CLUB NIGHT FLY and BBQ.  Any suitable model equipped with lights is welcome.  Hope tho see you there!


The International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition (IMAV) is a yearly event aimed at fostering key technologies for the development of micro-drones. It combines a scientific conference and a flight competition intended for all research groups around the world.

RMiT is the host and the organiser of both the 2018 Conference and the Competition. GMAC Club has been selected as the location of the Outdoor part of the Competition.

Subject to change (weather), the Outdoor flying part of the Competition is scheduled for 18-19 Nov 2018 at GMAC. There will be quite a presence at the Club – CFA, local authorities, local and overseas participants, tents, catering. All Club Members are welcomed as spectators at no charge (excludes catering).

No flying or model testing/tuning when the competition is in progress. Please make the pits area and runways available to event.

Link to IMAV

Link to IMAV Competition page

Indoor Aerobatics

Victorian Precision Aerobatics organisation has arranged for Indoor Aerobatics meetings and the invitation has been extended to all GMAC Members. Purpose of the meetings is to promote and develop aircraft aerobatic skills and conclude it with a mini competition at the last meeting.

The only requirement is to bring an aerobatic capable model airplane. Most likely some well balanced light foamy that can perform a sequence of aerobatics manouvers. Any level of piloting skills is welcomed as long as accompanied by willingness to learn something new.  The meeting is not suitable for testing and flying rotor aircrafts or non-aerobatic designs.

Aresti digram for the evenings.

An evening fee for a pilot is 10AUD to be collected at the venue. Fee goes towards hiring costs.

Dates: September 22, October 20, November 24 – attend all or just some
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Location is: Mullum Mullum Stadium, Courts 1 & 2, 1-41 Springvale Road, Donvale, VIC 3111