Indoor Aerobatics

Victorian Precision Aerobatics organisation has arranged for Indoor Aerobatics meetings and the invitation has been extended to all GMAC Members. Purpose of the meetings is to promote and develop aircraft aerobatic skills and conclude it with a mini competition at the last meeting.

The only requirement is to bring an aerobatic capable model airplane. Most likely some well balanced light foamy that can perform a sequence of aerobatics manouvers. Any level of piloting skills is welcomed as long as accompanied by willingness to learn something new.  The meeting is not suitable for testing and flying rotor aircrafts or non-aerobatic designs.

Aresti digram for the evenings.

An evening fee for a pilot is 10AUD to be collected at the venue. Fee goes towards hiring costs.

Dates: September 22, October 20, November 24 – attend all or just some
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Location is: Mullum Mullum Stadium, Courts 1 & 2, 1-41 Springvale Road, Donvale, VIC 3111

Annual General Meeting

GMAC Annual General Meeting held at GMAC Clubhouse on Wed 29th August 2018.

Reports submitted and accepted: Treasurer’s Report, Secretary’s Report

General Business:

  • All Committee positions were declared open for re-election and all members attending members asked to vote by show of hands or show objection.
  • New Committee were declared elected, as follows –
    • President – Graeme Dyer.
    • Vice President (and Registrar) – Ben Ristic.
    • Secretary – Steve Axford.
    • Treasurer – Arthur Bablis.
    • General members Committee – Lindsay MacDonald, Alan Devlin, Artur Uzieblo, Rod Coade (a new addition).
  • Graeme announced that the Committee had selected and awarded Lindsay MacDonald as “Quiet Achiever” award and presented him with a trophy, thanking him for his hard and consistent work “behind the scenes”.
  • Graeme announced that the Committee had selected and awarded Stefan Presinsky as “Most Improved Flyer” award and presented him the trophy.
  • Attending members were asked to vote for the “Best All Rounder” for the Club over the last year – Bob Stewart was again (he also won it last year) voted in by majority and Graeme gave him his trophy.

Norm Thompson report as GMAC Flight Director –

  • GMAC had been audited over the year according to the MAAA rules and overall came out quite well, albeit failed at one stage due to pilots not always being in the pilot’s box, now improved.

  • GMAC this year officially set a noise limit of 94 dB from 3m away measured front and sides – of the 43 planes measured 34 were under the 94 dB limit but 9 were over 100dB, advice was given to improve most planes noise.

  • GMAC had also more closely defined and limited the flying boundaries to the South and North to make sure we don’t get complaints from the Gold Club nor the very close new houses to the North. Generally this has taken some time for members to get used to but now in being met quite well by most.

  • Overall the club safety is good, several members did not know about nor set the failsafe settings on their radio systems, this is now part of the GMAC Code Of Conduct and must be complied with.

President’s Report –

  • The 2017 AGM minutes were read out by Graeme and formally proposed and seconded with all in favour so were passed successfully.
  • Thanked Vaughan for the last two years duty as Secretary and for the 3 years completed some time ago, making a total of 5 years as GMAC Secretary.
  • Thanked all the Committee and all those members who had taken an active role, such that the GMAC facilities are second to none in Victoria and maybe even Australia.
  • Thanked Steve Axford and Rod Coade for joining the new Committee.
  • Thanked all who took part in the 2018 VMAA Trophy and achieving a number of individual winning positions and a final overall club position of third – this was the first time GMAC had entered.
  • Stated that GMAC would participate again in next year’s VMAA Trophy at Northern Flying Group, Vaughan again volunteered to manage the team for that event.

Meeting Closed – 9.20 pm, 30th August 2018.