Flying is ultimately what we aim to do. Sending your own model safely into the air and enjoying the thrill and fun of the flight. Gaining experience and improving both your skills, and your model’s performance. This is what we aim for, but the very nature of flying a model through the air also has an element of danger. GMAC has an impeccable safety record of which we are jealously proud.

There are many different types of model aircraft: Fun-fly, 3D, Sport, Contest Aerobatic, Gliders, Scale Aircraft, Helicopters, Multi-Rotors, Jets and the occasional unidentified objects.

Our MAAA approved instructors will be able to guide you through the process of selecting a type of aircraft that you could start with and radio equipment.

We fly at GMAC seven days a week, weather permitting. ‘Wet’ fuel powered aircraft may fly between 9.00 am and 8.00 pm; electric aircraft may fly between 7am and 11.00 pm. (Night flying may occur, with the appropriate authority.). Noise limitations apply to all crafts, currently it is 94dB measured from 3m at the front and at a side.

New members receive free training by our volunteer club instructors.

We have two runways. The main runway is 170 metres long and 40 metres wide, making it ideal for training. Our cross-strip is predominantly used for heli flying. Vast majority of pilots and aircrafts find it sufficient to operate from. Some of the larger and faster airplanes may strugle to fit within our flying boundaries and we recommend a visit to the Club for a site inspection and a test flight. Club has an increased height clearance (above the standard 400 feet) granted by CASA and the Club rules allow us to fly up to 700 feet. We do flight turbine jets from the field but only those with a wide flying envelope that permits low landing speed.

Our club has over 200 flying and non-flying members. Most members have a long-term affiliation with the club, while shorter-term memberships of a few years can be a reflection of work commitments, family interests or life-style choices.

One of the most obvious characteristics of our club is our non-competitive ethos. Most of our members prefer casual and social flying at the site, a culture we accept and encourage. This laid-back approach to the hobby is underpinned by strict adherence to safety standards.

Many of our members do participate and excel in competitions run by special interest groups such as Pattern Aerobatics, Jet flyers and the Scale Association. From time to time GMAC hosts some of these events.

New members and visitors are always welcome at our club. Call in and have a look at our facilities and have a chat.