Flight Safety

 Flight Safety


GMAC endeavours to maintain the highest standard of safety for it's members and the surrounding community. Flight safety rules are for the safety of all concerned, and must be strictly observed at all times. Your Safety Is Paramount. GMAC has an excellent safety record because we take this responsibility very seriously. It is important that you and your family comply with safety signs and directions offered by members. We ask that any visitors please:

- Remain behind all fences. Young children need to be supervised.

- Not stand on the road at the end of our runway where the models will be flying very low.

- Not enter the fenced off pits area unless specifically invited.

- Keep your pets on a lead at all times.

- Our aircraft are fragile, but their engines are quite powerful and have razor-sharp propellers spinning at very high speed.


The safety of GMAC members and visitors is detailed in the GMAC Code of Conduct


GMAC Site Plan

plan gmac

The GMAC Site Plan gives you a good idea of the GMAC facilities and General Flying Area. On arrival aircraft and equipment can be unloaded from your car in the drop off area and placed in the Pits. Once you have unloaded your car, you need to park your car in the car parking area behind the club house.

No fly zones are clearly marked on the site plan.

Visitors to GMAC are required to sign the 'Visitors Book' in the Club House in conjunction with a GMAC member. Only current MAAA accredited Solo pilots may fly unsupervised.

Flight circuit direction is determined by the direction of the wind:

- Northerly - Counter Clock wise

- Southerly - Clock wise


No flying is permitted on days of Total Fire Ban

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